Mobile Spy Reviews – What Are Other People Saying About This Software?

MSpy is something that you download on your phone or tablet in case you want to spy on your children or your spouse, or anyone else, for whatever reason. While it’s not the only software of its kind, it is one of the most well-known. In this article, we’re going to talk more about the Mspy and what other people are saying about it.

One of the things that make mSpy stand out is the fact that it has a no-jailbreak solution. In other words, you don’t need to unlock your phone from your service provider in order to install it. This is true for all devices except for Apple devices, in which you will need to decide whether or not you’re going to have your iPhone or iPad unlocked and void your warranty.
Mspy lets you do a lot of things that the typical spy software allows you to do, from monitoring sent and received text messages in real time, and track the phone via GPS. It also lets you monitor incoming and outgoing calls, as well as Internet activities, including activities on email providers, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. You can also view photos and videos. On top of all these is the ability to block certain websites and phone numbers.

However, when you buy a license, that  license only allows you to track one phone. If you need to track two phones, you will need to get another license. However, there is a family option where you can get three. So, if you need to spy on only two phones, you will need another phone (perhaps your own) to spy on.

But even with this minor disadvantage, mSpy continues to be one of the most highly-rated software of its kind, and enjoys consistent high ratings from its users. The fact that it’s totally affordable helps.

The basic license costs only $30 per month, while the premium license costs $70.  As with anything else, you do get what you pay for. With the basic license, you can track website history, calls, text messages, however, you cannot access Facebook, Skype, Viber and Snapchat, and Instagram. You also cannot block websites and apps, or block phone numbers.

We’re not going to tell you which license to get, but we are going to tell you to buy a license based on your needs.

For parents who are monitoring their children, the basic license would be enough to tell them what their children are up to. But for wives or husbands, the premium license has all of the great features that will be useful to them.

In order to know how the system works, go to the official website on and click on the View Demo button. There you will see a sample dashboard for the premium license where you can see cell phone activity, the location of the phone, the top ten most called numbers, plus other information.

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